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London Fashion Week: Edeline Lee

I have been super, super busy at London Fashion Week with something like 45 shows on my schedule so please forgive me for not posting any updates so far (I had 17 shows on Saturday alone – I only made it to 13). If you want to see where I've been and what I've seen so far follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

But here is a quick look at some of the looks from the Edeline Lee presentation on Saturday morning (where I bumped into Hamish actual Bowles and decided that yelling 'OMG I LOVE YOU!' was probably the fastest route to a restraining order).

I particularly loved the pleating and quilting in this collection – the dress on the right of the third picture is probably my favourite piece, along with the cocoon coat on the left. And the dress-over-pants in the first picture. And the oversized bow blouse in the second picture. And the gown in the last picture. Ok, so I have a lot of favourites. What can I say? It's a great collection!


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