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Today I'm Wearing ... Toon Tees

Today I'm Wearing ... Toon Tees

Selected Femme tee, €13.48 (about £11), WeLikeFashion.com ~ Collarless blazer, £40, River Island
J Brand 835 jeans, £185, Net-A-Porter ~ Christian Louboutin Bootylili boots, £725, matchesfashion.com
Finn mini bag, AU$24.95 (around £13), Forever New ~ Tag Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500 watch, £1,350, Ernest Jones

This outfit is actually from Sunday, but because this week is a full-on work week (assume the position: head down behind laptop) I probably won't put together any outfits that don't involve leggings, ancient sweatshirts or pyjamas.

I have a tee that I think of as my Carrie Bradshaw tee because when I saw it in the shop I instantly thought of this moment (when Berger tells Miranda a guy's just not that into her). Underneath her blazer, Carrie wears a vintage Mickey Mouse tee and I just loved the juxtaposition of the almost childish tee with the grown-up tailoring. So of course the grey marl tee with neon pink Mickey and Minnie emblazoned across it had to be mine despite the fact that I'm really not a cartoon/slogan tee kind of person. Trouble is that I can't get out of the rut of wearing it with a blazer over the top (current favourite being a collarless number that I like to tell everyone is vintage but is actually my old uniform blazer from when I worked as a hotel receptionist a million years ago).

Another fun fact about my Mickey tee? Although I just said that I might struggle to pull together any non-pyjama-based outfits this week, my Mickey and Minnie tee actually came from the nightwear department. The lesson: never overlook the pyjama rail – it's a source of some brilliant tees, as long as you avoid the obviously bed-related ones ...


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