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DIY Inspiration: Chanel couture trainers


Are we bored of talking about the Chanel sneakers yet? No? Good, because I'm not done.

Karl Lagerfeld is one seriously smart man. After seasons and seasons of killer heels, or 'going-out flats', or fugly Birkenstock-esque monstrosities (seriously, why?!), here's a man who says, "I see your ridiculous shoe trends, and I raise you TRAINERS."

Not just any trainers, mind you. Of course, if I had this conversation with my mother, she'd be all: "Caroline, really, they are just trainers." Except that they're not, are they? They're 30-hours-of-hand-crafted-sparkly-sequins-and-delicate-organza-and-artisan-woven-tweed trainers. And now Karl has ensured that trainers will never be 'just trainers' ever again. Or at least not for another three or four seasons, which is the same as forever.

But I do not have the requisite funds to order an entire couture ensemble to get my hands on a pair of Chanel sneakers (FYI, if I did, it would be this one), or the RTW version that Chanel has said will be available, and so I will instead resort to the fashion lover's tried-and-true method for getting what I want: DIY.

I will of course share the results with you when I have created my masterpiece but in the mean time, while I'm searching for the right victim kicks, why don't you have a look at these beauties and tell me which ones you'd most like to DIY.

Images via Style.com ~ check out the rest of the Chanel spring 2014 haute couture collection here


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